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A cracked windshield can be like a time bomb, so finding out about the windshield replacement cost as soon as possible is very important. Something as little as a pebble thrown up by a car or truck in front of you can cause your windshield to crack. It may just leave a little knick but it could also cause a long crack reaching from one side to the other. Even if it is no more than a small chip, over time and with the jarring caused by driving, it can grow into a bigger crack, which will ultimately lead to a windshield replacement.

Moisture also has a lot to do with turning a small chip into a large crack. Even a microscopic chip can collect moisture, and those moisture molecules can then contract and expand in all directions, pushing the glass, which may eventually result in grooves on the windshield.

The same goes for extreme temperatures, especially if there is a big difference in the outside and inside temperatures. That can result in the inside layer of the glass expanding or contracting, while the outside layer moves in the opposite direction, which can lead to cracks all the way across the windshield. Bad weather such as hail can cause the same damage as road gravel, depending on the size and severity. In some cases there may already be a defect in the windshield before the car ever hits the road. The glass can have weak spots due to the manufacturing process or it may be a simple as a seal that wasn’t properly done. All these things can cause the windshield to chip or crack to a point where it may need replacement.

Windshields are designed to resist shattering but that doesn’t mean the crack won't get so big or turn into a spider web type crack, that it impairs visibility drastically. Sometimes the insurance company will repair a damaged windshield without a deductible, since it can be considered a “safety feature”. In most cases this will be a “no-fault” claim, which means that your policy rates won’t go up.

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But how much does a windshield replacement cost if it has to be paid by the owner of the vehicle? There are plenty of websites that offer instant rates online after typing in your zip code, vehicle year and model and selecting which window in the car needs to be replaced. The search results generally show local businesses with decent prices and good service, most of which will include a lifetime warranty as well.

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For example on the front windshield replacement cost for a 2005 Dodge 4 Door Sedan at a local business would be around 156.00 Dollars, while a Pickup 3500 4 Door Crew Cap with the same year and make runs at around 160.00 Dollars.

A well advertised company, “Safelite AutoGlass”, quoted the auto windshield replacement cost of the front windshield for a 2008 Dodge Caliber online at 268.95 Dollars, which includes labor but not the taxes or service fees that will be incurred. Together with the quote came suggestions of several locations with the earliest appointment time, which happened to be the very same day.

According to their website, if the crack on the windshield is smaller than a dollar bill a replacement may not be necessary, but if there is more than 1 chip or crack or if any are larger than a one dollar bill, the windshield will need to be replaced. A good choice in Plano TX is, they have the best prices in the Dallas, Forth Worth area.

In most cases it will only take about an hour to replace the damaged windshield. However, some technicians recommend for the car to sit for about another two hours after that for the proper curing of the seal. This time may vary according to temperature and humidity. Most dealerships nowadays will not perform windshield replacements anymore and recommend a contractor or local business to do the job for them. But since the windshield replacement cost varies so much from company to company, shopping for quotes before committing to anything is definitely a good idea. In Yuma for instance prices are totally different.

In some cases you may even be able to skip auto glass companies all together and do it yourself – but only if you know what you are doing of course. A windshield should always be replaced by a trained mechanic in order to minimize any risks. Junk yards and even Ebay are other places where you can find a windshield that can be used for a replacement.

In general OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) glass is the best choice, so when the windshield comes from a junk yard or something similar, it is important that it matches the model of the car. Avoid short-cuts and make sure that the entire windshield is properly cut out and the old seal completely removed before the new glass is installed. Either way, shopping for quotes can be essential when it comes to the windshield replacement cost as prices and services vary a lot from company to company.